Dylan Cooper is the drummer of Saskatoon’s Ellen Froese and the Hot Toddies, vocalist and drummer for Von Jumbo and has been a performing artist based in Saskatoon, SK for 10+ years.

As an artist, his songwriting draws heavily from his upbringing in the arctic territory of Nunavut and his new home of the prairies. His childhood was spent in the isolated community of Baker Lake (Qamanittuaq) and the deep and dark winters of the Arctic that often ‘snowed’ him in doors produced a passion for song writing and performing with his older brothers. Growing up in northern Canada had a profound effect on Dylan and his music as the stories oft not told of the north continue to be a theme in his song writing in hopes of enlightening others and educating his listeners to the challenges it continues to face.

His songs contain a sometimes humorous approach to the human condition and his powerful voice carries you through it all with his wide range of falsetto to baritone. He experiments with and bends genres to his will, as his latest album sets to prove, but he is still always rooted in soul and rock to allow a performance to change in an instant, while yet familiar.

An eclectic and intriguing performer, his sophomore album is expected to be released in Spring 2020.